Weight Management and Superfoods

Celebrities down to half their size, ‘exclusive internet only’ tricks to lose four kilos in 1 week… do you feel overwhelmed, judged and self-critical? Rather than thinking about being skinny, think about being healthy and weight loss will come naturally. Besides wanting to look good for summer, a healthy weight is important for your general health and well being.

Overfed and undernourished

It’s the greatest paradox – we are, as a population, overweight, yet do not get the nutrients we need from our diets. Approximately 60% of adult Australians are classed as overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk factors for numerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Processed food is one of many contributing factors to weight gain. It is generally high in fat and sugar and low in nutrients compared to whole foods (low nutrient value foods contribute to the diseases related to weight gain and fatigue). Most of us don’t feel like slipping into a bikini straight after a winter of comfort foods, but this summer, instead of looking for a quick fix to lose the extra pounds, nourish your body with superfoods. They can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, manage your appetite and cravings, and are packed full of nutrients – you get the added bonus of looking after your health and feeling great too. Try these 3 Superfoods to help you achieve weight loss the healthy, sustainable way.


1. Wholefood Smoothie Superfood shake

One reason people fail to stick to their diet and exercise plan is lack of time. No time to exercise, no time to prepare healthy meals. Quality and nutritionally balanced smoothies such as Bioglan WholeFood Smoothie can really help if you’re short on time. It’s easy to mix, tastes great and is full of nutrients; it’s a complete meal for when you are on the run.

When mixed with milk Bioglan Superfoods Wholefood Shake has:

– low calories, high protein content

– 3 x more protein than an egg

– nutrients included for sustained energy and balancing blood sugars to reduce snacking

– more fibre than a cup of oats (fibre helps you feel full longer and it’s great for the digestive tract).

Plus it’s filled with lots of superfoods like a berry fruit blend – containing acai, goji and blueberry that are high in antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols have been shown to break down fat and inhibit fat cells from forming.

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2. Full on fiber – Chia seeds

Don’t underestimate these tiny Chia Seeds. Packed with fibre these seeds satisfy your hunger by creating a sensation of fullness. They are also made up of 20% protein which also helps you stay fuller for longer and balance sugar levels so your less likely to reach for sugary snacks. Due to their mild flavour, Chia seeds can be added to virtually any meal.

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3. Don’t be scared of fats – Coconut oil

Low fat diets seem to go hand in with weight loss strategies. Some oils like Coconut oil are actually beneficial for weight management. Studies have shown that the daily consumption of Coconut oil has been linked with a reduction in belly fat. Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) that are easily digested and help to speed up the metabolism. The faster your metabolism functions the more calories you burn.

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Keep your cravings at bay – Acai berry

Acai has a low GI (glycemic index). Low GI foods slowly release fuel for our bodies which stops us feeling hungry all the time – a major reason why people fail to stick to diets! The low insulin response with low G.I foods helps the body burn more fat and promote weight loss.

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5 MORE Lifestyle choices that might be weighing you down

The above Superfoods can help with weight loss, but you also need to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Try to incorporate the following into your daily routine to form good habits and make a healthy weight more achievable.

  1. Stating the obvious – Cutting out the obvious weight gainers like alcohol, fried, processed foods and sugary drinks is a good start. Excess alcohol is often high in sugar so not only packs on the kilos it also slows down your metabolism.
  2. Energy and motivation – set short term goals. As you lose weight, eat better foods and increase your exercise: your energy will increase naturally. Also exercise influences the release of endorphins, feel good hormones, perfect for increasing motivation.
  3. No time – it’s all about planning. Plan your week’s menu and exercise routine in advance. Keep your routine simple, fill your cupboards with the right foods at the beginning of the week and you will have no excuse snacking on unhealthy food.
  4. Too expensive – Yes a pack of almonds or a bag of healthy groceries might cost more than a fast food meal but the long term cost of health care due to inadequate nutrient intake far outweighs the long term cost of ill health.
  5. Outsmart your hunger – before reaching for the snack have a big glass of water, try going for a walk or doing some house work to distract you.


  1. Stephanie hearn May 28, 2015 Reply

    Is bioglan super food gluten free

    • Bioglan June 12, 2015 Reply

      Hi Stephanie, all the SuperFoods mentioned above are indeed Gluten Free.

      Best Regards,
      Amy – Bioglan

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