Big weekend? End of an indulgent holiday? Or maybe you just feel like its time to give your body a break? Ways to detox that don’t involve drinking foul tonics or harrowing diets is not as hard as you may think. Try the Bioglan Superfoods Detox Program – with some tweaking to your diet and a few lifestyle changes, detoxing doesn’t have to be a rare form of torture. PLUS, superfoods are packed full of nutrients to support detoxification and recharge our body, and are super easy to incorporate into our diet.


Gut Reaction - Superfoods and Digestion

Some people are proud of their ability to burp the alphabet or clear the room with theirÔǪum, flatulence (for a more technical word). For most of us, digestive problems can be embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable. Burning, cramps, bloating, excessive wind, constipation or diarrhoea are not subtle symptoms easily ignored. Whether it’s a daily occurrence or bloating after a large indulgent meal, a change in our diet and lifestyle choices can make a huge difference to our digestive health. These symptoms no longer need be a part of your daily life.


Digestive relief with Superfoods

Superfoods contain concentrated amounts of nutrients that can help to soothe those ‘not-so-nice’ tummy problems. Try these 3 Superfoods to restore digestive balance.


1. Fibre filled Chia seeds

High in omega-3, protein and calcium, these tiny seeds contain twice as much fibre as oats. Fibre improves digestion by speeding up the movement and elimination of waste through your body and should be a part of your daily diet. It is particularly important in the management of constipation. When soaked in water, Chia seeds swell to form a gel which has a soothing effect on your stomach, great for treating sensitive tummy’s and irritable bowel (IBS). Low fibre diets have been linked to diabetes, high cholesterol, bowel disease, cancer and heart disease – even more reason to use this wonderful superfood.

Chia is incredibly versatile and can be added to your baking, salads, stir fries, breakfast cereals or smoothies,or pretty much any meal due to their mild taste.

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2. Soothing Aloe vera

Have you every calmed sun burnt skin with Aloe vera? Well, this medicinal plant has the same soothing effect on your digestive tract. Aloe vera juice helps to balance the bacteria of your digestive tract and its anti-inflammatory effects on your stomach and intestines make this juice a great digestive tonic. It is effective in treating symptoms of IBS, reflux, indigestion and bloating.

Aloe vera juice can be taken straight up or mixed with water or juice.


3. Detoxifying Chlorophyll

The phytonutrients in Chlorophyll help to cleanse and detoxify the body. It is easy to digest and effective in reducing gas, bloating and acidity in the stomach.

Can be taken straight or diluted in water and sip during the day

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Other Digestion Tips

1. Know your triggers – Keeping a diet and symptom diary is a great way to track foods that may be aggravating your condition.


2. Slow down and chew your food – Digestion starts in your mouth. Chewing slowly gives enzymes in your mouth a chance to get a head start breaking down the food you are consuming; it also signals your stomach to increase the flow of digestive juices. Not chewing your food results in large portions of food being sent straight to your stomach. This will aggravate bloating, reflux and indigestion.


3. Hydration – adequate hydration is critical for both constipation and diarrhoea. It aids constipation because it helps to get things moving in your bowel. Ensuring adequate hydration is critical for those suffering diarrhoea as it’s also important to replace the fluids lost. Coconut water is a good way to replenish electrolytes depleted during diarrhoea.
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4. Move it – Regular exercise can actually help digestive problems, especially useful if you suffer from constipation. Your movement will increase the contractions of your bowel, improving digestion and elimination. Allow 2 hours after you eat to exercise – exercising at the wrong time can actually have a negative effect by slowing digestion down


5. Stress less – The digestive system is very sensitive to stress. Stress causes inflammation in the digestive tract and can increase the effects of IBS, heartburn and reflux. Try meditation, yoga or if that’s not your thing limit digestive stressors such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.



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