NutriSlim FIT Toning Protein + BONUS Shaker & FIT BODY eBook


- Bonus Value worth over $20

- Unique toning blend of whey and pea protein to promote lean muscle tone and aid recovery

- Key toning ingredients: BCAA’s, L-Carnitine, MCT's & Green tea extract

- Zinc to support a healthy immune system, Plus its great for your hair, skin & nails



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Designed for women, by women

The NutriSlim Fit Toning Protein and associated program is designed specifically for women – to support you in achieving your health & wellness goals.

Our protein is a complete and nourishing whole protein made from a proprietary blend of Whey & Pea protein for a quick & sustained release. This means it is easily digested for immediate support post work out as well as providing fuel throughout the day.

What is NutriSlim FIT Toning Protein – Vanilla 600g for?

Toning Protein Blend: Using a proprietary blend of Whey & Pea protein for a quick & sustained release of protein. Whey is quickly digested for immediate support post work out, and Pea protein is utilised by the body throughout the day

Complete Amino Acid Profile: Including essential BCAA’s from protein that is important for muscle toning & repair.

L  – Carnitine: With all the key benefits of super amino acid L- carnitine.

MCT’s: Contains the goodness of super charged Medium Chain Triglycerides

Green tea extract: The ancient and renowned Chinese tea to help you shred

Zinc: To support protein synthesis and a healthy immune system. Plus, it’s great for the skin, hair and nails too!

Specifically formulated to boost daily intake of protein and nutrients, in dietary circumstances where intake of protein may be inadequate.


Our FIT Program comprised of our FIT BODY & FIT FOOD eBooks goes one step further, providing you with the tools & information you need to take you further on you journey.
These include:

  • ✓ 8 week at-home & gym workout plans
  • ✓ Detailed instructions & demonstrations
  • ✓ Goal setting guide & progress tracket
  • ✓ 60+ delicious and nutritious recipes
  • ✓ Suggested meal plan + more!

Add 2 level scoops (40g) to 250mL of cold water and shake until smooth. Can be mixed with milk of preference.

Warnings & Cautions: Contains milk and soy.

Proprietary protein blend 77% (whey protein concentrate, pea protein isolate, whey protein isolate), polydextrose, natural vanilla flavour, L-carnitine (1.3%), medium chain triglycerides powder (0.5%), green tea extract (0.5%), xanthan gum, thaumatin, zinc sulfate monohydrate (0.02%). Contains milk and soy.