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  • " The best thing about it was that it was so easy to follow, with no hard to find ingredients … keeping it simple and real is the key for me it would seem! Super happy* "

    Melissa from Kilkenny SA

  • " This program has taught me to eat small potions more regularly. I have not struggled on this program at all and haven’t felt hungry.* "

    Shirley from Dandenong VIC

  • " Feeling very energetic, and a lot less tired!! (Which is great) I’ve loved that there has been support whenever I’ve needed it. My mind set has also completely changed.* "

    Caitie from Forest Hill QLD

  • " Helped me focus on portion sizing and recognising when I was actually hungry and not boredom eating!! Which was my biggest problem.* "

    Charlotte from Annandale NSW

  • " I started NutriSlim 4 weeks ago. I feel so much better ... and have lost a dress size! I love that the program is easy to follow and fits into my lifestyle.* "

    Rebecca from Windsor QLD

  • " Losing weight can already be difficult but the NutriSlim program has made it easy and I haven't felt deprived or hungry ... I love this program and the support network available on social media.* "

    Erin from Ascot Vale VIC

What's included in the program

  • Free Meal Plans & Recipes

    Enjoy healthy meals and easy recipes each week!

  • Free exercise programs

    Workout anywhere with our 6 week guide! Beginner & intermediate options available.

  • Free Workout Videos

    Say goodbye to heavy manuals & printing hundreds of pages!

  • Progress Tracker

    Learn to track your progress so you can see results.

  • Shopping Lists & Snack Guides

    Fortnightly shopping lists & healthy snack guides to keep you on track.

  • Private Online Support Community

    Search NutriSlim on Facebook to join our online support community!


Hi, I’m Jenna, Master trainer & NutriSlim fitness coach!

Based on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, I am passionate about empowering & strengthening women so that they can feel good about themselves & live a healthy lifestyle.

I have developed a 6 week program, designed for beginner and intermediate fitness levels, that is to be used in conjunction with the NutriSlim low sugar shakes & meal plan.


Workout Videos by NutriSlim Personal Trainer, Jenna Davies

I understand that working out can be confusing and carrying thick print outs can make this worse.

My 6 week program is easy to follow and I have made workout videos of each circuit for you.

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Discover Bioglan NutriSlim Low Sugar Shakes

Some weight loss shakes contain between 20-45% sugar which can make achieving a healthy weight a challenge.

NutriSlim shakes are a good source of protein & fibre and have just 1.7g of sugar in each shake!

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