Inner Glow Collagen Beauty Smoothie

Recipe by @ourlensinfocus

Inner Glow Smoothie



Add all ingredients to a blender & mix until smoothie. Serve immediately.

Why you’ll love Inner Glow Collagen Beauty Water

The collagen peptides in Bioglan Inner Glow shown in research to nourish and assist the appearance of skin. Bioglan Inner Glow is the convenient (and delicious) way to help hydrate, heal & protect your skin. With Blue Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Coconut water powder and a natural lemon flavour, simply add to water and drink each morning as part of your regime to nourish your beautiful, radiant looking skin.

skin cross section 2.5g of hydrolysed collagen per serve

ingredient Blue spirulina, aloe vera & coconut water powder

leaf 100% free from parabens & harmful chemicals

droplets No fillers