Prevention is better than cure

Aches and pains, runny nose, fever, cough – doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a week! There is no known cure for the common cold or the flu so why not take steps to prevent catching it in the first place. Our immune system is our defence force against infections and disease. By nourishing your body with a diet full of the right nutrients you will increase your immune system’s ability to fight these annoying bugs.


Antioxidant Super Foods

Red, yellow, pink and green, purple and orange and blue…no I’m not going to sing about a rainbow, I’m referring to antioxidants Vitamins C, Vitamin E, betacarotene and zinc. Antioxidants are found in bright coloured fruit and vegetables. They help to strengthen your immune system to fight against infections and disease.


Red, Yellow and Orange…

Camu Camu

This fruit from the Amazon contains an extraordinary amount of Vitamin C. Just one teaspoon of this superfood contains 23 times more Vitamin C that an orange! Vitamin C is an important nutrient for boosting your immunity and helping to shorten the duration of cold symptoms.

Camu has a mild citrus flavour and can be added to juices, smoothies, yoghurt, baking and desserts.

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This amazing sea algae is rich in vitamins and minerals, more than any other plant source on earth. Spirulina stimulates the immune system and improves its ability to fight viral and bacterial infections. This little superfood also exhibits anti cancer properties, even more reason to incorporate it into your daily diet.

My favourite way to have this superfood is in a juice. You can also use it in salad dressings, shakes or sprinkled on your cereal.

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Purple, Pink, Red and Blue …

Acai berry is high in antioxidants- it has 22 times more antioxidant power than blueberries! The antioxidants and plant sterols of this super berry help to strengthen your immune system.

You can take Acai as a supplement or use a Acai and Berry powder in your cereal, juices, smoothies or baking. An easy way to boost your daily antioxidant intake.

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Other important nutrients for Immunity

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might not be the first thing you think of in terms of immune boosting nutrients but Coconut oil contains a type of fat, lauric acid, that has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Perfect for keeping these colds and flu at bay! In addition to this Coconut oil can protect against harmful bacteria including listeria, helicobacter pylori and giardia.

Coconut oil is stable in heat can be used in baking, stir fries, raw food recipes and salad dressings.

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Is the green pigment found in plants and is responsible for converting energy from the sun into nutrients plants need to grow. Chlorophyll is full of vitamins and nutrients that help the body’s ability to fight infection and decrease inflammation. Its nourishing effects on red blood cells help to promote healthy immune function.

Chlorophyll can be taken straight or mixed with water.

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Has a long history of being used to ward off illnesses and treat infections. It contains key nutrients that help to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Garlic can be taken raw and incorporated into your cooking. If you don’t want dreaded garlic breath you can take it as a supplement.


Boosting your immune system is not just for fighting off colds and flu; it can also help fight other diseases and infections. Lifestyle habits can also influence our ability to fight infection.


Here are some brief tips to a pair with a great diet to avoid getting sick this season;



More of… Less of…
Getting enough sleep Smoking
Eating whole foods Eating too much sugar
Stay hydrated Drinking too much alcohol
Washing hands regularly Exposing yourself to excessive stress
Moderate exercise Lack of activity


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