Bioglan SuperFoods Kale Powder

Unlock a nutritional powerhouse with Bioglan SuperFoods Kale Powder. This leafy super green is rich in chlorophyll and a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support your health.


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Who is Bioglan Superfood Kale Powder for?

People looking to get the nutritional benefits of kale in a simple and convenient powder.
People looking to increase their daily serves of vegetables.
People looking for a green powder to add to their juice or smoothie.
People needing support for healthy eyes, healthy teeth and bones, normal immune system function and healthy skin.


When should I take Bioglan Superfood Kale Powder?

Any time of the day, add it to juice or a smoothie for a nutritional boost.


When should I take Bioglan Superfood Kale powder?

Any time of the day.


Why should I take Bioglan Superfood Kale Powder?

– Energy

– Healthy immune system function

– Bone health

– Cleanse

– Alkalise


Mix 1 teaspoon (5g) with juice or in a smoothie or add to meals and mix well.

Ingredients –

Kale Powder

No added preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Nut Free
Soy Free