Bioglan BIO Happy Prebiotic Fibre Powder 200g

Bio HappyTM Prebiotic Fibre contains a good source of naturally blended soluble fibres such as inulin and psyllium to help aid healthy digestion.

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What is Bioglan Bio Happy Prebiotic Fibre Powder 200g for?

Contains a good source of fibre to help contribute to regular laxation.

Why should I take Bioglan Bio Happy Prebiotic Fibre Powder 200g?

Bioglan Bio HappyTM Prebiotic Fibre is a good source of fibre to help support a healthy digestive system.

Add 5g and stir into 200ml water and drink immediately. Drink another 100ml of water after consuming. Drink a minimum of 250ml of water for every 5g of product.
For optimum effect 2 serves per day.


Psyllium husk powder, inulin (20%), fructo-oliogossacharides, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia), citric acid.

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