Bioglan Summer Survival – Party, Play & Passion
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This Summer, I will quit smoking! I will get fit! I will support my liver! If these are three things you’ve been saying every New Years but never know where to start. Bioglan have created a Summer Survival Kit to help kick start your New Year Resolutions!

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Bioglan have carefully selected 4 key products to help your body recover from the party season and kick start a healthier you for 2016.

  1. If your lungs have been exposed to cigarette smoke and air pollution, Bioglan Lung Clear can help to loosen and remove unwanted congestion. Bioglan Lung Clear is a potent formulation based on traditional and scientific evidence to help clear your lungs and support healthy respiratory function.
  2. BioHappy Liver Detox Concentrate is a perfect adjunct to a healthy diet and lifestyle for wellbeing!
  3. Bioglan Active Magnesium is a high strength formulation to rebuild magnesium levels which may be depleted due to a sub optimal diet and life’s little ‘over-indulgences’. Magnesium assists in energy production in every cell of the body and helps relieve muscular aches and cramps, making an ideal supplement for your return to fitness.
  4. Bioglan Maca Tablets are a natural source of energy and can be used as an alternative to caffeine.

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