BIO happy – For A Happy Tummy & A Healthier You

BIO Happy represents a new direction in digestive health. As science reveals the significance of the gut microbiome on our health,
Bioglan has formulated a range of products to support your digestive and gut microbiome health. BIO Happy provides a complete
digestive health range to help support digestive wellbeing, immune health, digestion of your favourite foods, healthy detox,
fluid balance and regularity. BIO Happy probiotic range offers a comprehensive choice of probiotic formulas allowing you to select a
probiotic according to the strength of CFU and diversity of good bacteria, helping to support digestive health, helping to support
relief from digestive discomfort or reduce the incidence of the common cold. Digestive enzymes help support the digestion of your
favourite foods, even the digestion of carbohydrates and lactose in dairy.